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The most iconic Audi paint colours

Audi is known for producing some of the most iconic cars ever made. From the Audi Quattro Sport in the 1980s to the present day Audi TTS, these cars may be technologically impressive, but they would lack the appeal had it not been for the striking colours Audi gave them. Here’s our pick on the most iconic colours ever conceived by Audi. 

Venus Red

A car colour not seen on modern Audis, Venus Red was prolific on 1980’s Audis, particularly the Audi Quattro Sport. It’s vibrant and bold, accompanying the excitement of the Quattro with a colour that stirs a sense of passion. 

Although not available for modern Audis, similar Audi paint colours are available like Audi Tango Red

Kingfisher Blue

Vibrant and with a metallic finish, Kingfisher Blue was a popular car colour for Audis in the early 2000s. The metallic finish of the Audi car paint colour gave it an electric presence that emphasised the sleek design and sharp edges seen on Audi saloons like the Audi A4. 

Although similar to the Audi paint colour Turbo Blue, this Audi car paint colour has a metallic finish. If you happen to have a Kingfisher Blue Audi that needs some car touch up paint, we recommend you touch up your blue Audi with exact colour match paint. We can mix dozens of paint to the exact colour match, just enter your reg on our website

Ibis White 

A timeless classic, Audi Ibis White car paint colour gives any Audi a clean and crisp look. Pure and sophisticated, Audi Ibis White also reflects a contemporary elegance. Despite its reflection of our modern era, we’re sure Ibis White will live on for many years to come. 

Other Audi paint colours that are similar to Ibis White include Audi Glacier White and Audi Arktik White. Whichever car paint colour your Audi is, use our reg lookup tool to receive the right Audi touch up paint for you.

Navarra Blue

Adding a touch of mysterious individuality, Navarra Blue Audi car paint colour mixes a sporty edge with some sophistication. Not as energetically present as Audi Kingfisher Blue, Navarra Blue is slightly more under the radar. Subtle yet striking enough to turn heads of other road users, it’s the casual conspicuousness that earns Navarra Blue a place on this list. 

Vegas Yellow 

An authentic and vibrant colour, Vegas Yellow Audi car paint colour is reminiscent of Las Vegas’ dazzling and bright night-time streets. It’s a colour for those who are looking to unashamedly stand out. Looking its best on sporty Audis like the R8, this car paint colour adds another level of appeal.

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We stock dozens more Audi paint colours for Audi touch up paint, as well as other brands paint colours too. No matter what paintwork you need fixing, we likely have the paint colour for your car. 

Audi car paint for the Audi A1 Quattro (or any other model of Audi) is available in all the colours listed above, plus many manufacturer discontinued paint colours or limited editions.

PaintNuts can mix all these colours for colour match touch up car paint, available as a high-precision pen, bottle and brush or car spray paint/aerosol. Just enter your car reg on our website, and off you go.

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