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Hyundai Touch Up Paint

PaintNuts can mix original Hyundai car paint colours using the latest colour match technology as either car touch up paint pens, pots or aerosols.

We have the full range of Hyundai paint codes in our catalogues for all models, including the i10, Kona, Bayon and more. All our paints are custom mixed to order.

Although known today for producing electric and hybrid cars, Hyundai Motor Company has its roots in construction. Founded in 1947 by Chung Ju-yung under the name Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, it wasn’t until 1967 when Hyundai ventured into the automotive sector. 

Starting out initially producing cars in partnership with Ford, Hyundai finally released their own solo produced car, the Pony in 1975. Fast forward nearly five decades and Hyundai is firmly one of the largest automotive companies in the world.

We can mix the full range of colours for all cars in the Hyundai range, from H4 Electric Red to PYW Polar White, RAH Sleek Silver & PAE Phantom Black

To find the correct touch up paint colour and product for your Hyundai, simply enter your Hyundai reg below.

Our colour matched paints are made to order, mixed to your vehicle's exact paint code from your registration number and are available in either touch up pen, touch up bottle or aerosol spray
  • For fine scratches, scuffs and chips
  • 2 in 1 high precision pen with brush - 20ml
  • Super precision application for a professional quality finish
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  • Perfect for large chips, scuffs and grazes
  • Flat fine brush head
  • Professional quality finish
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  • For large bodywork repairs
  • Adjustable fan spray nozzle
  • Superior application for professional, bodyshop quality finish
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Finding your Hyundai paint code

Finding your Hyundai code is easy and straight-forward. Hyundai paint codes are found in the vehicle. Specifically, Hyundai paint codes (or finding the Hyundai paint code from VIN) are usually found in the driver's-side door jamb. 

However, on some Hyundai models, Hyundai paint codes may be in a different location to others. If this is the case, other areas where your Hyundai paint code may be located are:

  • Inside the boot lid
  • Under the bonnet
  • Inside the wheel arch
  • In the door hinge
  • Inside the fuel cap

Still unsure of your Hyundai paint code?

Try looking in your Hyundai owner’s manual, or contact a Hyundai dealership and ask them what your Hyundai paint code is. An alternative way is to look up your Hyundai paint code by registration. Simply enter your reg below and the correct touch up paint colour and product will show for your Hyundai. 

Hyundai car paint colour codes

Hyundai paint codes typically comprise of only 3 letters or numbers, like:

  • Y3Y (Sand White)
  • PGU (Century White)
  • Y2R (Pulse Red)

We can also match your car touch up paint to the exact colour name. For example: 

  • Ceramic White
  • Performance Blue
  • Star Dust
We can mix the full range of Hyundai paint colours. Enter a paint code or paint name below to search available colours.
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