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Professional quality car touch up paint at your fingertips

How to use colour match touch up paint
Our 3 step process gives your vehicle a professional looking repair in minutes with our exact colour match paint.
Before and after
An 8mm long scratch on the rear bumper - touched up with PaintNuts precision 20ml pen.
Paint colour Nissan KY0 Silver Met.
What are the benefits of colour match touch up paint?
PaintNuts touch up products provide excellent results without the bother and cost of sending your car to the body shop.

The colour matched paint is extremely easy to apply making the touch up pen a perfect DIY solution to fix scratches, chips and scuffs improving the visual appearance of your vehicle.

The main benefits are;

  • Cost vs Bodyshop repair
    Much cheaper than booking into your local bodyshop
  • Improved appearance
    Improve your car’s visual appearance and resale value
  • Easy D.I.Y. application
    High precision products for quick and easy application
  • Anti-Corrosive protection
    Protect the finish of your car and avoid rust with anti-corrosion paint