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Audi A3 Colour Match Touch Up Car Paints

PaintNuts can mix original Audi A3 touch up car paint colours using the latest colour match technology as either touch up paint pens, pots or car spray paint.

We have the full range of Audi A3 paint codes in our catalogues. All our Audi A3 car touch up paints are custom mixed to order.

Simply select your product type below, and we will do the rest.

Audi A3 touch up paint products
Our colour matched paints are made to order, mixed to your vehicle's exact paint code from your registration number and are available in either touch up pen, touch up bottle or aerosol spray
  • For fine scratches, scuffs and chips
  • 2 in 1 high precision pen with brush - 20ml
  • Super precision application for a professional quality finish
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  • Perfect for large chips, scuffs and grazes
  • Flat fine brush head
  • Professional quality finish
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  • For large bodywork repairs
  • Adjustable fan spray nozzle
  • Superior application for professional, bodyshop quality finish
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Audi A3 paint code location

Finding your Audi A3 paint code is easy. Your paint code can usually be found in the following locations on your Audi:

  • Under the boot lid
  • On the door frame
  • In the door hinge
  • Under the bonnet 

If you're still struggling to locate your paint code, simply enter your registration in our handy reg lookup tool to find your Audi A3 touch up paint that exactly matches your car.

PaintNuts can mix Audi A3 touch-up car paint using the latest colour match technology as touch-up paint pens, pots or car spray paint.


Audi A3 car paint over the years

Hitting the roads in 1996, the Audi A3 was introduced as a compact but luxury car. When the first generation was released, the Audi A3 was available in the standard blacks, whites and grey car paint colours. Colours like Y9B Brilliant Black and Y9C Ibis White were safe bets for Audi when they launched the new A3.

The second generation Audi A3 came in 2003. This time, the Audi paint colours were a lot more varied. The A3 was available in Z3M Misano Red, a deep and bold red with a pearl effect that was hardly unnoticeable on the roads. Also available was X5H Navarra Blue Metallic, a shade not far from Royal Blue, it oozed class, sophistication and a touch of electric excitement. 

The third generation Audi A3 came along in 2013. One of the notable paint colours available was Z1A Vegas Yellow which gave the A3 a striking and distinctive look. When purchasing the A3 during this time, motorists could also choose Y3J Brilliant Red Audi car paint colour, Y9T Mythos Black Metallic, X5Q Scuba Blue Metallic among other Audi car paint colours. 

Presently in 2023, we are on the fourth generation Audi A3, which was released in 2020. The fourth generation A3 in 2020 was available in a series of metallic, pearl and matt colours. Audi paint colours like Y9B Brilliant Black and Y9C Ibis White gave the A3 a professional and contemporary look, while X5Q Scuba Blue Metallic and Z3M Misano Red Pearl Effect offered a more exciting and daring look to Audi A3 buyers. 

There are a handful of Audi car paint colours available at present in 2023. If you were to buy an Audi A3 today you could choose a striking and conspicuous Z6A Kyalami Green, a mellow and mild X1X Python Yellow, and old favourites X5H Navarra Blue Metallic and S9R Glacier White Metallic