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Audi A1 Car Touch Up Paints

PaintNuts can mix original Audi A1 touch up car paint colours using the latest colour match technology as either touch up paint pens, pots or car spray paint.

We have the full range of Audi A1 paint codes in our catalogues. All our Audi A1 car touch up paints are custom mixed to order.

Simply select your product type below, and we will do the rest.

Our colour matched paints are made to order, mixed to your vehicle's exact paint code from your registration number and are available in either touch up pen, touch up bottle or aerosol spray
  • For fine scratches, scuffs and chips
  • 2 in 1 high precision pen with brush - 20ml
  • Super precision application for a professional quality finish
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  • Perfect for large chips, scuffs and grazes
  • Flat fine brush head
  • Professional quality finish
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  • For large bodywork repairs
  • Adjustable fan spray nozzle
  • Superior application for professional, bodyshop quality finish
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Finding your Audi A1 paint code 

Common places to find your Audi A1 Paint code include:

  • Under the boot lid
  • On the door frame
  • In the door hinge
  • Under the bonnet 

Audi A1 paint colours have never been easier to match, simply enter your registration in our reg look-up tool, and we'll use the latest colour match technology to find the exact touch-up paint for your car.

Our Audi A1 touch-up paints are custom-mixed based on your registration, ensuring the exact colour match for your vehicle. 


Audi A1 car paint over the years

There have only been two generations of the Audi A1 since its release in 2010. Built to rival the new models of compact cars with a premium price tag like the MINI Clubman and Fiat 500, the Audi A1 was relatively new to the small hatchback scene. 

Originally designed as a smaller version of their already released models, like the A4, the Audi A1 was nothing ground-breaking. Even the paint colours were nothing new. Paint colours like Amalfi White, Brilliant Black, and Misano Red Pearl Effect had already been seen in the Audi range. 

Until the second generation of the Audi A1 came out years later, there were a few changes to the first generation. In the eight-year interim, some additional Audi paint colours were introduced, too. Colours like the grey-going-on-brown Dakota Grey Metallic, the striking Shiraz Red Metallic, and the zesty Samoa Orange Metallic were just some of the paint colours Audi offered. 

Come 2018, Audi released the second version of the A1 to the public. Unlike the first generation, the A1 was unavailable as a 3-door version. This generation of the Audi A1 was larger than the first, and also had improved aerodynamics. Handling was also better, along with a more modern and efficient engine that came as standard with the second generation Audi A1 too. If that wasn’t enough, the second generation also had updated technology and different paint colour options too like Tioman Green Metallic, Turbo Blue, Python Yellow and Progressive Red.