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Citroen Car Touch Up Paint

PaintNuts can mix original Citroen paint colours using the latest colour match technology. It's available as either touch up pens, pots or aerosols.

Citroen is known as one of the most colourful cars on the road, available in all colours of the rainbow including KJH Red Scarlet, EWP White Banquise, and EVL Grey Platinum Metallic.

We have the full range of Citroen paint codes in our catalogues which are custom mixed to order for all modern models of Citroen, including the C1, C3, Berlingo, C4, and the Citroen C Crossover.

French brand Citroen is partnered with Peugeot with whom they share paint codes. 

Simply select your exact Citroen paint code or colour name below, then the size of paint you require, and we will do the rest.

Our colour matched paints are made to order, mixed to your vehicle's exact paint code from your registration number and are available in either touch up pen, touch up bottle or aerosol spray
  • For fine scratches, scuffs and chips
  • 2 in 1 high precision pen with brush - 20ml
  • Super precision application for a professional quality finish
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  • Perfect for large chips, scuffs and grazes
  • Flat fine brush head
  • Professional quality finish
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  • For large bodywork repairs
  • Adjustable fan spray nozzle
  • Superior application for professional, bodyshop quality finish
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Citroen paint code location

Citroen paint codes are found in a variety of locations on the vehicle. Usually, Citroen paint codes are found in the driver's-side door frame, though this isn’t always the best place to find your colour code your code may be in a different location. If this is the case the other areas where your Citroen paint code may be located are include:

  • On the inner door frame/ A-post or hinge area
  • On the driver's side door column 

Still struggling to find your Citroen Paint Colour Code? 

Simply enter your registration into the search bar below, and we’ll find the exact colour code to match your Citroen paintwork. 

Citroen paint codes

Citroen paint codes typically comprise of 3 letters or numbers – for example:

  • KTV
  • EWP
  • 685

We can also match to the exact colour name, for example:

  • Rouge Aden
  • Banquis white/ blanc
  • Shark Gris/ grey
We can mix the full range of Citroen paint colours. Enter a paint code or paint name below to search available colours.
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