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Citroen Citroen C3 Car Touch Up Paint & Paint Pens

PaintNuts can mix original Citroen C3 car paint colours using the latest colour match car paint technology as either touch up pens, pots or aerosols.

Citroen is known as one of the most colourful cars on the road, available in all colours of the rainbow including KJH Rouge Scarlet, KAR Jaune Lacerta Metallic, and KZC Galena Metallic.

Simply select your product type below, and we will do the rest.

Our colour matched paints are made to order, mixed to your vehicle's exact paint code from your registration number and are available in either touch up pen, touch up bottle or aerosol spray
  • For fine scratches, scuffs and chips
  • 2 in 1 high precision pen with brush - 20ml
  • Super precision application for a professional quality finish
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  • Perfect for large chips, scuffs and grazes
  • Flat fine brush head
  • Professional quality finish
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  • For large bodywork repairs
  • Adjustable fan spray nozzle
  • Superior application for professional, bodyshop quality finish
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Citroen c3 paint code location

Citroen C3 paint codes can be found in multiple locations on your vehicle. The most common places to locate your paint code include: 

  • On the inner door frame/ A-post or hinge area
  • On the driver's side door frame

Another way to find the exact colour match paint for your Citroen C3 is by simply entering your registration into our reg lookup tool. We custom mix our car touch up paint using the latest colour match technology.


Citroen C3 car paint over the years

The humble Citroen C3 has been with us since 2002. Lasting for 3 years, the first generation of the Citroen C3 had a rounded and bubble-like shape and was designed to have plenty of interior space. The C3 had some impressive engine options available, with one of the options being a pokey 1.6-litre petrol engine.

To further entice buyers to purchase the C3, Citroen offered a variety of paint colours, including Rainforest Mica, Polar White, Arctic Steel, Wicked Red and Poseidon Blue. 

Come 2005, after the success of the first generation, Citroen released the second generation C3. This time, the C3 had a restyled front bumper, front grille and dashboard. Customers also had the option of a new 1.6L 16-valve HDi diesel engine, along with the original diesel options. To go with the increasingly environmentally conscious motorist, Citroen introduced technology into their engine design so that they emitted fewer CO2 emissions. 

The second generation also saw a change in terms of paint colours. Citroen gave buyers paint colour options that included Iron Grey, Passion Red, Tivoli Blue, and Obsidian Black. 

In 2013, Citroen updated the C3 and released the third generation. Exterior-wise, not much had changed. The designers at Citroen decided to keep the C3’s original curvy shape but gave it updated technology and interior to suit the change of tastes of the time. 

For the fourth generation in 2016, it was a different story. It was then that we saw the shape of the C3 that we’re familiar with today. Distinctive styling, larger alloys, along with the option of a 1.2 litre turbo-charged three-cylinder engine were just some of the attributes that attracted motorists to the Citroen C3. To further cement their interest, Citroen released an enticing palette of paint colours too, which included Almond Green, Cobalt Blue and Power Orange. 

Currently, in 2024, we are on the fifth generation of the Citroen C3. And as the marque puts it’s ecological aspirations into gear with Citroen C3, it’s likely to be with us for many more years to come.