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No more guesswork or wasted time trying to figure out what products are best suited for your car's repair needs. PaintNuts has everything you need to get back on the road in no time!

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Our simple damage calculator tool will help you find the right PaintNuts product for your vehicle damage.
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            By following this four-step process, you'll find the right products to effectively repair your vehicle's paintwork damage, ensuring a high-quality finish while saving money compared to traditional body shop services.
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            Tell us about your vehicle, so we can understand the nature of the damage. We'll ask a series of questions to help determine the appropriate touch-up products needed.
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            Choose from our catalogue of paints, specifically formulated to address various types of vehicle damage. From scratches and dents to large bodywork repairs.
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            With our cost-effective solution, you can achieve a professional quality touch up for your vehicle, at a fraction of the cost of a bodyshop.