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Exact colour match

How to touch up chips, scratches and scuffs with either a pen, pot or aerosol 

You can fix minor paint damage to your car yourself, getting a good result using our bodyshop-grade paint that’s an exact match to your car’s original colour.

Our car paints are available in 3 sizes; touch-up pen, bottle or aerosol depending on the damage.

  • Touch-up pens are perfect for scratches and small chips 
  • Touch-up bottle - good for scratches and chips that cover a larger area/ require more paint
  • Aerosol - ideal for more complex repairs that need to be blended into existing bodywork.

Here’s our best practice guide to using and applying touch-up paint, whether it comes from a pen, bottle or aerosol.



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Our advanced paint mixing system can mix more than 80,000 different colours to produce an exact original colour match for all makes and models of cars, vans and motorcycles.