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9 unofficial uses for car touch-up paint at home and work

Car touch-up paint does a brilliant job of keeping your bodywork protected and looking great, without needing to book it into the bodyshop. However, it’s not just for cars - it’s suitable for all kinds of vehicles! But we get regular orders for the less obvious touch-up paint jobs too.

Using car paint to repair other vehicles

For household use, your equipment manufacturer should be able to tell you the RAL or Pantone reference for the colour you need. You might also find what you need by googling your make and model.

1. Model car hobbyists

It’s rare but not unheard of for model car hobbyists to come seeking an original colour for their latest build. Recently, a model maker contacted us because he wanted the original Jaguar red for a classic car model he was completing.

When it comes to authenticity, this level of detail is important to hobbyists - we were pleased to be able to supply him with the exact original classic car paint colour he needed.

2. Cycles

You’ll need to get your RAL or Pantone reference from the manufacturer, but car touch-up paint is perfect for keeping your cycle looking good and protected from rust.

3. Trains

We recently had an enquiry from a train operator in the south of England who wanted to use car touch up paint on their fleet.

Train engines and carriages are always branded up, which makes a paint repair potentially complex.

Like every other hard-working vehicle, trains get damaged paintwork - scratches and stone chips. Touch up paint is a cost-effective fix, especially when multiple brand colours are involved.

4. Agricultural and building vehicles

Tractors and machinery come in all different colours, though there are a few extremely popular colours for manufacturers like Massey Ferguson (red), New Holland (blue), JCB (yellow, old and new), and some particular classic vintage tractors.

Working vehicles need ongoing maintenance to keep rust off the bodywork - a quick, easy and cost-effective fix with a car touch up paint pen is proving to be ideal.

5. Fleet vehicles, new and old

Companies with fleets of cars and vans done up in their brand colours can make use of touch up paint very much as our train operator client is doing.

These companies sometimes sell older vehicles to private owners. If you take a look at Auto Trader, there’s usually an old NHS ambulance, an ex-AA T3 Volkswagen or brown UPS delivery van up for grabs.

Thanks to our custom paint mixing capability, there’s hardly any colour we can’t match, no matter how old the vehicle.

Using car paint to fix damage around the home

6. Washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers & cookers

Scratching your white goods in a conspicuous area is devastating, whatever colour they are. It’s going to be visible for years unless you do something about it.

You could encourage the kids to lend you a colourful sticker or put a fridge magnet over the damage, but the pro solution is to order a touch up pen in the right colour. We can custom mix 100s of different whites - so don’t take a chance on any old shade!

7. UPVc window frames

Double-glazed window and door frames come in all colours now. Grey and black are popular trends at the moment, as well as the usual white and brown.

However, even if you’ve bought coloured frames, they all start out white. This means if you scratch them, white shows through. Not great.

We get quite a lot of orders from people who want to touch up scratches to their UPVc window frames. Our touch up pens are easy to use and do a good job. Better than buying a new window frame.

8. Musical instruments

Our car touch up paint is fine to use on metal and plastic. Also, it’s durable. These qualities make it perfect for any item that gets regular use or handling, like a musical instrument.

We actually get quite a few orders from musical instrument repair shops but our paints are easy enough to do-it-yourself if you’ve got a steady hand.

9. Patio furniture

Our custom mixed car touch up paint can be used on plastic, so it’s suitable as a scratch remover on garden furniture.

Even if you’ve got some truly exotic colour themes happening on your patio, we’ll be able to match it.

Why is car touch-up paint popular for, well, everything?

How to find the right paint code for your needs

We can custom mix around 100,000 different colours, including all the yellows from AA to JCB; all the whites from Indesit to Hotpoint; and all the reds from classic Jag to Fender Stratocaster.

Remember, for household use, your equipment manufacturer should be able to tell you the RAL or Pantone reference for the colour you need. You might also find what you need by googling your make and model.

If you need touch up paint for a vehicle, we can usually find your colour using your car or van registration in an instant.

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