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77,000+ colour combinations

You’d be amazed how many different colours go into making up your metallic blue or pearlescent white. Grey can be mixed using 9 colours White comes in 100s of shades, mixed using multiple colours There are around 125,000 car colours and we can mix 100,000 of these Colour shades consist of different amounts of colours, many of which you might not expect. Our paint mixing machine precisely measures and mixes each drop of every colour you need to match your car.

How do we know what colour combination you need?

We can normally tell what paint you need from your car registration.

When you give us your registration, our database looks your car up and completes the information for you to check - it will fill out your vehicle's make, model, year and colour.

The colour name displayed is what your car is classified as on your V5, according to the DVLA. It might show ‘grey’ or ‘black’ or another basic colour description.

But don’t worry - our advanced paint mixing system knows your paint is actually ‘magnetic grey metallic' and that’s what we’ll mix.

Why ‘77,000 colour combinations’ is important

To help us get the best touch-ups and perfect colour match, we only use the best car paint – from industry leaders MPEX.

Their body shop quality paint and range of products are second to none. Unlike traditional 2k non air dried paints we use 1k paint and tinting system specifically developed for touching up chips and scratches.

Available in aerosol, bottle and touch-up pen

PaintNuts has everything you need to fix stone chips, scratches or scuffs on your car’s bodywork. Using our state-of-the-art paint mixing equipment, we’ll supply you with an exact colour-match touch-up pen for an easy fix.

For damage that’s more complex, we supply bottles, car paint aerosols and accessories, including complete paint repair kits, to help you achieve a more professional finish.

Got questions? We’re on hand to advise you on the product you need and anything else you’re curious about - preferably about fixing your car paint, though occasionally we talk about other things as well!

Find the right product for you

Use our tool to find the right PaintNuts product to give your vehicle a professional looking repair.

When grey is not just grey and white is not just white!

Here are two popular paint codes - and the colours that go into making the final colour
  • Before
    Ford Magnetic Grey - is made from 9 colours: medium aluminium, pearl, black, pink, blue/green, red/violet, white pearl, coarse aluminium and pearl additive.
  • After
    Vauxhall GAZ or 40R Olympic white - is made from 4 colours: white, black, pink and light yellow.