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Tips and Hints

Whether you're a car restoration hobbyist or a DIY repairer, our body repair hints and tips have got you covered! Our useful PaintNuts tips include lots of dos and don’ts that will help to make a difference in your bodywork repair. Read our individual tips and hints to find advice about how to get the most out of your custom mixed paint products, and our useful PaintNuts hacks.

Keeping your car paintwork pristine can be a challenging task, particularly if you use your car every day, even the most careful driver will encounter some scratches in their cars lifetime. Simple things like stone chips off the roads or tight car parking spaces could cause your car paint to scratch or chip. If left unattended these scratches may eventually rust making your bodywork repair even more costly. Fear not! Straight forward scratches can be repaired with our PaintNuts products and some simple tools.

Before you start your minor car repair, you may wish to read more about our tips and tricks. You will find handy information about the types of environments and conditions that are better suited for car restoration, removing decals or adhesive from cars without damaging your vehicle's bodywork and how to treat rust on your bodywork.

If you need any more information about using our PaintNuts products or further advice on bodywork repairs, contact a member of our team by emailing

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