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How to find the paint code on a motorcycle

Fixing minor paint damage to your motorcycle or scooter is something you can do yourself, without having to take it to the bodyshop. You’ll need to know your paint code or colour name to place an order, whether you’re looking for a touch-up pen, bottle or motorbike spray paint. Your paint code or specific colour name is how we match the motorbikes original colour.

Unlike cars, motorcycle paint codes can’t be looked-up on our database but they’re usually simple and easy to find.

3 Places to Find a Motorcycle Paint Code

In order of ease:

  1. On the motorbike or scooter
  2. Via manufacturer or dealer enquiry
  3. Via enquiry to a motorcycle club website or forum

1. On the motorcycle/ scooter itself

The paint codes on motorbikes are usually:

    • On stickers or plates under the seat
    • Inside the fairings
    • On the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate, also known as the chassis number.

There are quite a few numbers stamped or printed onto your bike along with the VIN, transmission code, axle code and other information.

For instance, the VIN is 17-characters long. Your paint code will be one of the shorter numbers and might include letters or a paint name - for example BMW Granada 023, Ducati Rosso 307, and Kawasaki Wildfire Orange Pearl 17H.

2. Manufacturers and dealerships

You can contact your local dealership and they should be able to help with your exact paint code or colour name.

3.Motorcycle enthusiast clubs and forums

You don’t need to belong to a club to go down this route. The motorbike and scooter community is a friendly and welcoming one.

So, if you have problems locating the paint code or VIN on your vehicle, ask their advice. Always make sure you double check information given by an unofficial 3rd party. You might be able to do this online too or with your local dealer.

Ready to order?

Once you have your paint code, you can visit the motorcycles and scooters page to input your reg and paint code.

Alternatively, scroll down the page and search for your correct paint by manufacturer. Our colour-matched touch-up paint is available as precision pen, bottle or aerosol and you have a choice of options for a delivery that suits you.

As always, don’t hesitate to email our team with any questions.touch

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