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The PaintNuts guide to fillers

You’ve got a choice of filler for every job - from fixing dents and holes in cars to caravans, trailers and even yachts. Here’s the lowdown on the different fillers and what they’re good for.

When sanded, each provides a smooth surface suitable for finishing off with PaintNuts touch up paint, which is available as a touch up paint pen, bottle or car paint aerosol.

Fillers overview

  • Glass fibre - Pre-mixed, reinforced filler that provides a strong foundation for crack repair.
  • Fibre glass repair kit - Cut to size and mould to shape to reconstruct and repair larger holes.
  • Easy sand filler - An ideal vehicle body filler for dents deeper than 5mm.
  • Universal filler - A vehicle body filler for most substrates, suitable for small, deep dents.
  • Fine finishing filler - Gives a glass-like professional finish for the application of touch up paint.
  • Plastic filler - A highly flexible filler for repairing plastic panels & bumpers.
  • Light filler - An extremely light weight vehicle body filler essential for repairing large areas.

Filler top tips

  • Fillers need temperatures above 20 degrees C to harden quickly.
  • Best applied in thin coats with adequate drying time between.
  • Sand lightly between layers.
  • Always stir well until you get a homogenous paste.
  • Try and avoid creating air bubbles (air inclusions).

Types of filler - in detail

Easy Sand Filler

Body filler for substantial dents

MPEX Soft Filler is ideal for repairing dents deeper than 5mm. Easy to mix and apply, it has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates including bare steel and aluminium after flatting and degreasing.  As the name suggests, it’s also easy to sand!

Universal Filler

Vehicle body filler for most substrates

MPEX Universal Filler is a filler for car body repairs, easy to mix and apply with very good adhesion to metal. This filler can be applied over bare steel and aluminium, zinc coated, galvanised steel and is ideal for substantial dents with a depth of 5mm.

Fine Finishing Filler

A glass-like finish on minor scratch and stone chip repairs

MPEX Fine Filler is a trade quality finishing filler specially developed for minor scratches, stone chips, and the final surface finish before touch up paint is applied. It’s easy to mix and apply and has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates, plus excellent stopper properties. It gives a smooth surface after sanding and can be used to smooth pitted holes in the surface of less-fine fillers.

Plastic Filler

Ideal for repairing plastic panels & bumpers

MPEX Plastic Filler is a flexible filler developed to repair plastic panels and bumpers. This plastic filler has exceptional flexing qualities that prevent cracking if the substrate flexes and offers maximum adhesion to all plastic types.

Light Filler

Extremely light weight, essential for large repairs

MPEX Light Filler is a lightweight body filler with low density. It’s so light that, even when thickly applied thickly, it keeps its shape and won’t slide or slump. This product is easy to mix and apply in addition to having exceptional sanding qualities. It has excellent adhesion properties and you can apply it over various substrates, like bare steel and aluminium.

Glass Fibre Filler

Reinforced construction filler for vehicles, caravans & trailers

MPEX Glass Fibre Filler is a pre-mixed glass fibre reinforced filler for a range of vehicle body repairs that’s easy to apply and sand. We recommend it for filling cracks from behind to strengthen the repair and using a finer filler on the top side for a professional finish.

Fibre Glass Repair Kit

To reconstruct and repair damaged car bodies, caravans, motor homes, boats and yachts

MPEX Fibre Glass Repair Kit is a polyester resin sheeting that can be cut to size and moulded into shape. The kit comes with a liquid activator for manual laminating in connection with glass matt. Use it to provide a robust base for the repair large holes and corroded body parts. Use finer fillers for a professional top finish.

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