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Classic MG car colours from 1930 to 2000

Founded by William Morris, MGs were manufactured in Oxfordshire and were produced continuously, except during WW2. They’re known for their sporty 2-seater models, though classic MGs also come as saloons and coupés. The classic MGs were made from 1930, though in fact the factory had been making ‘Morris Garages’ cars under the Morris marque since the 1920s.

Loved for decades

The modern MG, now owned by a Chinese motor company, is an attractive choice, with electric options and a host of accessories. But there’s nothing quite like the feel of a classic.

MGs remain a popular car thanks in part to their good looks. The MG Car Club, which was founded at the MG works in 1930, is still going strong.

Later classics remain surprisingly affordable, especially if they need work. However, if you’re looking to get straight behind the wheel of a true vintage classic, you’ll have to pay extra.

For example, a quick eBay search reveals classic MGs for sale including:

  • A neglected 1966 MGB roadster in Flame Red for £4,000
  • A smart rebuilt 1971 MG Midget in Teal Blue for £10,000
  • A tidy 1981 MGB roadster in Tahiti Blue for £5,500
  • A pristine 1936 MG SA saloon with sunroof in black for £40,000
  • A pristine rebuilt 1951 MGTD in British Racing Green for £17,000

Classic MG models

A classic car is usually considered one that’s more than 40 years old (for tax exemption purposes), though you might feel anything retro is a classic to you. As MGs have been in production for almost a century, there’s a lot to go at!

  • MGA
  • MGB
  • MGC
  • MG Midgets
  • MGR V8
  • MGF

The MG Owner’s Club has a fascinating archive of every single model of MG ever made. There’s details of its history, specification, and how many were made (some very rare!), from Old Number One to more modern models. Definitely worth a look.

Original MG colour

This superb archive of Motor Sport magazine (August 1930) shows that MGs were available only in black in the early days.

However, classic MGs - including MGB, MGA and Midget models - are available in a wide spectrum of colours.

The 10 best-selling MG colours

Classic MG owners are among our best customers - they know we can mix an exact match to their car’s original colour. Our best-selling colours are below - but we can mix any MG classic car paint colour under the sun. (We can also colour-match car paint for any modern MG.)

  1. Black
  2. Tahiti Blue
  3. Brooklands Green
  4. Dark British Racing Green
  5. New Racing Green
  6. Flame Red
  7. Tartan Red
  8. Old English White
  9. Antelope Beige
  10. Teal Blue

Find your classic MG paint code

Unlike modern cars, which we’re able to look up with your reg, ordering original colour-matched paint for classic cars requires a paint code. You can get the paint code from a car club or other specialist website, or the manufacturer.

Bear in mind, with classic paint colours there can be multiple codes for the same colour (for example, can have a BLMV or BLVC code which can also have an ICI, Glasurit or PPG equivalent code – all which would create the same colour).

How to order your touch-up paint

Simply enter your car paint code, make, year and key (basic) colour into our search tool and follow the instructions.

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