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Why it’s important to choose the right car paint colour

Choosing the right car paint colour can affect many things from the resale value to the impact it has visually on the roads. It’s more important than you might think, and requires some careful consideration when you’re purchasing a car.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your next car colour, whether that be through a new car or even a paint job. 

4 things to consider when choosing a car colour

1. The colour of your car can say something about you

For those who value style over substance, this is something that may resonate with you. The car can be seen as an extension of your personality, and so the colour you choose is the cherry on top. Just like the car itself, the colour can be a statement of individuality, who you are, what you’re about and what your style is. 

For example, are you a person who likes the more refined and elegant things in life, but at the same time has to keep up professionalism? A car paint colour like Audi Daytona Grey (Z7S) is a colour that is perfect for this image. 

Alternatively, are you someone who’s all about the excitement and the thrill, and isn’t afraid to show it? Ford Race Red is a car paint colour that says exactly this. 

2. Matching the colour with the style

The colour can have a fascinating effect on the car as a whole, making it look more exciting, professional or thrilling. The colour stirs something inside of you, and makes you feel an emotion, just like when you hear the burble of the exhaust when turning the key for the first time. 

It’s important then to evaluate what the car says to you. Is it a nippy and electrifying hot hatch? Is the car a hell-raising Ford Mustang? Or a sensible but stylish Volkswagen Golf? Once you know the essence of the car, then you can choose the colour to tailor what you want to accentuate or dampen.  

Perhaps you want to dial the hell-raising nature of the Ford Mustang and have it painted in Ford Orange Fury. Or maybe although eye-catching and exhilarating to look at, you want to see your hot hatchback in a more neutral colour to tone it down a bit. 

3. The resale value

The paint colour of your car can significantly impact the resale value. This is why it’s important to realise that when picking a colour, it’s as much an investment as it is about personal taste and preference. 

Think about how many black, white, silver and grey cars you see on the roads. And how many of those are the likes of Audis, BMWs and Mercedes? These cars traditionally hold their value respectfully because of their pedigree and exceptional build quality. 

To solidify their resalable value, motorists often choose a neutral colour so they receive more in return than they otherwise would in a more niche paint colour like Mercedes Jupiter Rot.

There are a few reasons why neutral colours hold their value better than more vibrant colours:

  • Vibrant colours like bold reds, electric blues and vibrant yellows are more visually appealing and stand out a lot more. This means they are more likely to get stolen
  • Reds, yellows and oranges absorb sunlight better and so fade quickly, their eye-catching appeal decreasing over time
  • With many people holding corporate jobs, neutral-coloured cars are preferred to maintain the image  

4. Psychology 

Colour has a significant impact on the people around you. Whether intentionally or not, it can communicate certain emotions and messages. This is something to think about when purchasing a car or thinking about a paint job on your existing car. Here are a handful of colours and what they communicate according to colour psychology:

  • Red paint like Mini Flame Red attracts a lot of attention on the roads. It communicates strong emotions like passion and anger. It can also signify strength, power, courage and even danger
  • Blue paint colours like Toyota Bright Blue can be seen as a sign of stability and reliability, they can evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation.
  • Green car paint like Land Rover Pangea Green communicates balance and harmony, and as green is the colour of growth, it’s associated with renewal and rebirth
  • Yellow car paint colours like Lexus Super Bright Yellow can provoke feelings of happiness, confidence, excitement, hope and creativity. On the other hand, yellow can also be associated with caution and betrayal

Again, it’s important to consider what the colour communicates and what this message might send out.

If you are a self-employed professional like a financial advisor, then you wouldn’t want to be turning up to your clients in a Race Red Ford Focus ST, for example. Perhaps a BMW Mineral Grey (B39) might be a better option there. 

Likewise, you could be a licenced independent therapist. In this case, turning up to your client’s home in a Subaru Bright Yellow (518) could send out the wrong first impression. 

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