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TVR - the classic sports car legend with the most complicated paint job

The company was founded in 1946 as TVR Motors Company Limited and again in 2013 as TVR Automotive Limited. It was the brainchild of Trevor (TreVoR) Wilkinson and co-founder Jack Pickard. 

Wilkinson, who left the company in 1962, had a vision of a sports car that was lightweight, powerful and perfectly balanced. Despite the challenges endured by the company over the decades, this vision has been realised. 

This quirky and highly individualistic marque has also created the most interesting visual effects with its car paint, arguably some of the most amazing ever seen.

The 3 main types of car paint

There are a few different types of car paint finishes. Check out our more detailed article on the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent paints, but here’s a brief explanation.

  • Solid - a consistent uniform colour across the vehicle
  • Metallic- with tiny aluminium particles that shimmer or sparkle
  • Pearlescent/Mica - a sophisticated colour effect created using minerals

For the above standard car paints and effects, TVR an incredible palette of what have become popular TVR colours like Macau Yellow and Purple Paradise Metallic

This is essential to colour match touch up car paint to make minor repairs, like stone chips, scuffs and scrapes.  All we need is your TVR paint colour code. 

Popular TVR models

Many TVRs have graced the Tarmac over the last few decades. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Jomar/Open Sport/Coupé (1950s)
  • Grantura (1960s)
  • Vixen (1960s)
  • 350i/420 SEAC (1980s)
  • Tasmin (1980s)
  • S Series(1980s-90s)
  • Griffith 500 (1990s)
  • Chimaera (1992)
  • Cerbera (1996)
  • Speed 12 (1997)
  • Tuscan (1999)
  • Sagaris (2000s)
  • Griffith (current)

TVRs and car touch up paint

The trick to using car touch up paints to repair minor damage is to use a precision pen for fine scratches or paint chips or a bottle and brush if you prefer. Order car spray paint for full panel painting.

TVR and Xirallic paint

Xirallic is a high gloss pigment made of aluminium oxide platelets covered with titanium oxide. It’s similar to a metallic finish in that it glitters, but the uniformity of the Xirallic particles creates a shimmer and depth of colour. We can also mix this – it’s basically pearlescent car paint!

TVRs and ‘flip’ paint

Flip paint creates a colour change effect on your car, literally ‘flipping’ between one hue and another when observed from a different position or as light changes. The colours it can flip between are on a very narrow band of its own colour; nevertheless, it’s quite something to see.

There’s a complexity to flip paint that’s better not tackled using a touch-up pen - we don’t mix flip paint. 

TVR and ChromaFlair

If you thought flip paint looked amazing, behold ChromaFlair. This pigment gives a colour-change effect across the spectrum of its own band and includes up to 5 different colours. 

Damage will have to be tackled at the bodyshop - and it’s costly! Even the smallest scuff will involve respraying an entire panel. Even though we supply touch up paint as an aerosol, we don’t supply ChromaFlair. 

TVR classic car paint

We mix classic car touch up paint for TVRs to order. Classic car paint isn’t the same mix as modern car paint, which has more gloss. We’ll know which one you need when you put your registration in and order your car paint.

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