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The surprising history of Mercedes-Benz

The origins of Mercedes-Benz are steeped in the innovation of 4 men and a woman. Originally, as you might have guessed, 2 independent companies, they merged to become one of the world’s foremost and enduring car brands. 

The vision and commitment of Carl and Bertha Benz, Gottleib Daimler, Wilhelm Mayback, and Emil Jellinek changed the way we live and travel forever. Not only that, it’s highly possible that this car manufacturer has the widest spectrum of car paint colours, changing how we think about customisation.

A drive-by historical overview

Officially, our passion for cars began in 1886 with the world’s first - Carl Benz’s Patent Motor Car (‘Benz Patent-Motorwagen’). Benz was also responsible for the invention (and patent) of the world's first stationary, static internal combustion engine.

It was this internal combustion engine that inspired Gottleib Daimler and Wilhelm Mayback, along with entrepreneur Emil Jellinek, to build a motor car. Benz had beaten them to it with his 3-wheeler against their 4-wheel vehicle and competition sprang up between Benz & Cie (Benz & Co) and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG).

However, the economic uncertainty of post-war Germany in 1922 prompted the companies to collaborate so both the Mercedes and Benz brands would survive - and thrive. They merged officially in 1926 and became Daimler-Benz.

Why ‘Mercedes’?

‘Benz’ is obvious, but why did DMG call its first car and, eventually, the brand ‘Mercedes’? Well, Emil Jellinek was a DMG entrepreneur who, in 1900, commissioned the Mercedes 35hp. He created the Mercedes trademark in 1902 and, like a proud father, named it after his daughter. 

The first ever long-distance road trip

Bertha sounds somewhat of a legend in her own right. She came from a wealthy family and used her money to support her husband’s as-yet tender business affairs. Mercedes-Benz themselves described her as:

“...sharing his pioneering spirit, Bertha Benz turns out to be a key factor in the success of Carl Benz”

The Patent Motor Car had only ever made short trips until Bertha took her teenage sons on a 194km (121 mile) road trip to see their grandmother. She became the first driver to undertake a long-distance journey with a petrol-driven car. 

On the way, she organised refuelling, repairs and even invented brake pads. Her pioneering journey has been immortalised - it’s known as the Bertha Benz Memorial Route.

Mercedes-Benz models through the decades

From a stolen prototype that was, among other things, mended using fabric from Bertha’s undergarments, Mercedes-Benz cars have gone from strength to strength, with many standout models launched over the last 100 years, including:

  • 1920s - SSK roadster (Super Sport Kurz, German for ‘Super Sport Short’)
  • 1930s - 260 D, the world's first series-production diesel passenger car
  • 1950s - 300SL Gullwing sports car coupe and roadster
  • 1960s - S-Class, first of the luxury and armoured sedans launched
  • 1970s - G-Class (G-Wagen, G-Wagon) four-wheel drive off-roader
  • 1980s - 500SL, grand touring sports car ( Sport-Leicht, German for ‘Sport Light’)
  • 1990s - C-Class, first of these compact executive cars launched
  • 2000s - SLR McLaren grand tourer (Sport Leicht Rennsport, German for ‘Sport Light Racing’)
  • 2010s - CLA-Class, series of luxury compact executive cars launched
  • 2020s - Mercedes-Benz EQS, battery electric full-size luxury liftback (hatchback)

Mercedes-Benz car paint colours

Mercedes has to offer the widest range of car paint colours of any manufacturer. Since 2020, not only could you choose any colour from the modern Mercedes-Benz swatches, or classic car colour from decades long gone, you can choose literally any car paint colour from any manufacturer. 

So, whether your choice is an A-Class hatchback or a C-Class saloon, Modern Mercedes-Benz car paints come in a stunning range of colours!

Regular modern Mercedes-Benz car paint colours include Polar White, Cosmos Black, Rose Gold, Denim Blue and Patagonia Red, plus colours and finishes from the exclusive ‘designo’ range.

Classic Mercedes-Benz car paint colours can be replicated today as easily as modern car paints can, using state-of-the-art mixing machines and a nitro-acrylic base that makes colour match car paint for classic cars possible. 

Popular classic colours include Gray Beige, Pearl Green, Mercedes Blue, Strawberry Red and Smoke Silver Metallic

Mercedes-Benz car touch up paint

PaintNuts can mix any Mercedes-Benz car paint colour, available as a high precision pen, bottle and brush or car spray paint/aerosol. Just look up your colour code using your car reg, and off you go. 

As classic car paint suppliers, we’ll know whether you need the classic car paint composition or the modern car paint. 

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