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The most iconic Mini paint colours

Mini is known for giving us the Cooper, one of the most classically recognisable cars ever to hit the road. The same can be said for Mini paint colours too. Working especially well in the boldest of reds and greens, we run through the most iconic colours that when seen on any Mini, it makes it all the more memorable. 

Tartan Red

Tartan Red was the colour of the 1967 Mini Cooper S Michael Caine’s character drove in the original Italian Job. The mere association of the colour with the iconic film places Tartan Red on this list. 

There’s more to it than that though. Tartan Red is a deep almost ruby shade of red and was a popular choice amongst classic Mini drivers. At the height of classic Mini’s popularity in the 1960s, a Tartan Red Mini Cooper stood out on the roads despite many more cars coming in a range of vivid and striking colours than they do today. 

Rebel Green

Not far away from British Racing Green, Rebel Green earns a place on this list for the sheer underdog factor. Often living in the shade of British Racing Green, Rebel Green is just as eye-catchingly mysterious and intriguing. Especially when covered over a John Cooper Works Mini Cooper. 

Rebel Green wears what it is on its sleeve - attitude, rebelliousness with a dark edge that you just can’t help but want to explore, or drive in this case.

Island Blue

As the name suggests, Island Blue Mini car paint colour takes its name from the bright, crystal blue waters found off Pacific Islands. It makes any Mini, especially the Cooper, look electric, vibrant and fun, all the things a Mini is meant to be. 

It’s the ability Island Blue has to turn all things Mini up to max, that earns it a place on this list. 

Chili Red

With a recent poll on a Mini forum showing red as the most popular colour for a Mini -  22% of the share in fact - we had the perfect reason to include another shade of red on this list. 

Chili Red is a modern red seen on the most recent models of Minis. It was the colour of red the Mini Cooper S had in the 2004 Italian Job remake. 

Striking, bold and vibrant, Chili Red is like the slightly unruly best friend of your child. It brings out the disobedience of your beloved, you secretly want to separate them, but you just can’t because they’re having too much fun together. 

Almond Green

First seen on the Mrk1 Mini in 1963, and although discontinued in the early 1980s, the colour returned in 2006 and is still available on modern Minis today. Its timelessness is testament to the fact that Almond Green Mini paint colour will never go out of style, turning heads for many more generations to come. 

Classic, stylish and easy to keep looking its best, Almond Green is just as easy to touch up too. PaintNuts offer Almond Green in touch up pens, pots and aerosol and each leave a professional looking finish, returning your Mini paintwork to look as good as new. 

Order your Mini touch up paint

We stock dozens more Mini paint colours for Mini touch up paint, as well as other brand’s paint colours too. No matter what paintwork you need fixing, we likely have the paint colour for your car. 

Mini car paint for the Mini Cooper (or any other model of Mini) is available in all the colours listed above, plus any manufacturer discontinued paint colours or limited editions.

PaintNuts can mix all these colours for colour match touch up car paint, available as a high precision pen, bottle and brush or car spray paint/aerosol. Just enter your car reg on our website, and off you go.

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