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The most iconic Jaguar paint colours

Jaguar has produced some of the most beautiful and timeless cars ever. Classics like the Jaguar E-Type to the modern, sporty and exciting Jaguar F-Type. It would be fruitless if Jaguar didn’t have the colours to back these exciting machines up. 

Luckily they do, and we’ve put together a list of the most iconic Jaguar paint colours that have more to them than just sheer visual appeal. 

Carmen Red

Not to be confused with Jaguar’s Carmine Red -  another popular shade of red by Jaguar, Carmen Red is a bright red that’s in-your-face striking. Popular on classic Jaguars like the Jaguar E-Type, the colour brought a sense of excitement to Jaguar's refined and elegant cars. 

If you happen to own a Jaguar, we stock a range of classic Jaguar touch up paint, including Carmen Red. So if you have any scratches, chips or scuffs that need fixing, check out our Jaguar touch up paint pen and other products in the Jaguar touch up paint that matches.  

British Racing Green

We simply couldn’t emit this colour from the list. One of the most iconic colours in history and synonymous with the golden age of motorsport, Jaguar British Racing Green is subtle, classy, elegant and overall just beautiful. It’s all the things that iconic Jaguars just exude and is why this colour works so well on cars like the Jaguar MKII. 

Still available on modern Jaguars, British Racing Green upholds its reputation as a timeless classic. This shade of green is similar to Aston Martin’s Buckingham Green and is available as touch up paint, along with other shades of Jaguar touch up paint.

Fuji White

Jaguar Fuji White car paint colour is a modern Jaguar colour that gives any Jag a pure and sophisticated finish. Jaguar cars are by and large the epitome of sophistication which is why this colour is so appropriate and popular too. A reflection of contemporary class married with pure and simple style, it oozes elegance without shouting about it.  

More of a pure and crisp white than Jaguar’s classic Old English White, it’s not immune to scratches, chips and scuffs. If you happen to have any of these on your Jaguar, we stock a range of Jaguar touch up paint. To see if we can colour match your Jaguar, just enter your reg on our website.  

Ultra Blue

Adding a touch of fun and excitement, Ultra Blue Jaguar car paint colour looks great on sporty Jaguars like the Jaguar F-Type. Electric and vibrant, this car paint colour gives modern Jaguars an energetic presence on the road. 

Popular on modern Jaguars, we’re sure you’ll want this colour looking blemish-free all over. Check out our range of Jaguar touch up paint to fix any imperfections on your Ultra Blue Jaguar’s paintwork. 

Sorrento Yellow

Named after Sorrento, the region of Italy where lemon trees populate the countryside, it’s easy to see how Jaguar chose the name for this warm but radiant yellow. It’s a colour for those who are looking for something that breaks the mould of the Jaguar stereotype - reserved, classy and elegant. 

Although stylish and tasteful, we feel Jaguar Sorrento Yellow flies in the face of sophistication. With this being said, the modern Jaguars, especially the F-Type, still unexpectedly manage to pull it off and that’s exactly why we love it.

Own a Sorrento Yellow Jaguar that needs some touching up? Available as a pen, pot or aerosol, our Sorrento Yellow Jaguar touch up paint is easy to apply and gives a professional looking finish. 

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We stock dozens more Jaguar paint colours for Jaguar touch up paint, as well as other brand’s paint colours too. No matter what paintwork you need fixing, we likely have the paint colour for your car. 

Jaguar car paint for the Jaguar E-Type (or any other model of Jaguar) is available in all the colours listed above, plus any manufacturer discontinued paint colours or limited editions.

PaintNuts can mix all these colours for colour match touch up car paint, available as a high precision pen, bottle and brush or car spray paint/aerosol. Just enter your car reg on our website, and off you go.

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