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Noticing scratches or chips in your car or motorcycle paintwork makes your heart sink with disappointment and frustration. However, with the right know-how and the PaintNuts High-Build Kit,  there’s a quick, easy and professional looking fix at hand to ease your disappointment. 

Follow our guidance below and you’ll be well on your way to making your car paintwork pristine.

What’s unique about our High-Build Kit

PaintNuts High-Build paint is perfect for use in stone chips, scratches and scuffs. The highly viscous nature of our High-Build paint means it stays in the crevice and retains a level after the level applicator has been applied. 

What’s more, the kit includes everything you need to clean, paint and finish minor damage. Here’s what is included in the kit:

  • High-Build Paint - colour matched to your vehicle’s exact paint colour
  • Clean and Correct solution
  • Scratch and Scuff remover
  • Degreasing cloth
  • Microfibre Polishing Cloth
  • Polishing Pad
  • Dual Levelling Applicator
  • Fine Brush Applicators
  • Various sizes of Bud Applicators
  • Nitrile gloves

A word on safety

PaintNuts High-Build Kit comes with Nitrile gloves included. Before carrying out any of the below steps, be sure to wear the gloves. 


Using the High-Build Kit for chips, scratches and scuffs

To use the High-Build Kit for repairing chips, scratches and scuffs in your car or motorcycle paint work, follow the steps below:


1. Clean the area

Clean the damaged area with the Clean & Correct solution provided in the kit.

2. Apply the Scratch and Scuff remover

If repairing a scratch or scuff first apply the Scratch and Scuff remover to the damaged area using the Polishing Pad. Buffing the area will diminish the appearance of any finer scratches, so you can prioritise where to apply the High-Build paint. Skip to step 3 if you are repairing a chip.

3. Apply the High-Build paint

For repairing a chip, depending on the size of the chip damage use either the 1.0mm, 1.5mm or 2.0mm bud applicators. If you are repairing a scratch or scuff, use one of the Fine Brush Applicators. Carefully apply the High-Build paint into the damaged area until the paint is slightly above the level of the surrounding bodywork.

4. Level off the High-Build paint 

Wait for 2 minutes and then gently use the levelling applicator provided at a 45 degree angle to the surface to smooth over and level off the High-Build paint, so that it’s level with the surrounding bodywork. 

The technique for this is to start at the side of the chip, scratch or scuff on the unblemished bodywork and then smoothly glide across the damaged area. 

The High-Build paint should then be flush with the undamaged paint. 

5. Wait & assess

Wait 15 minutes for the High-Build paint to be fully cured and then assess the area. In some cases, the High-Build paint in the scratch, scuff or chip may have sunk during the drying process, and a slight indent may still be visible. If this is the case, repeat steps 3-4. 

6. Remove any excess paint

Using the Clean & Correct solution and degreasing cloth, clean the bodywork immediately around the damaged area to remove any excess paint. Ensure you don’t wipe off any newly applied paint.

7. Polish and buff the area

After 4-5 hours, the High-Build paint should be fully cured. Apply a small amount of Scratch and Scuff Remover and polish over the area with the Polishing Pad provided to buff and “feather in” the edges of the repair.


The optional extras and when to use them

The optional extras that are compatible with the High-Build Kit are:

  • Primer - used only if scratch or chip is deep enough that the metal or plastic bodywork is visible. If this is the case then apply the primer between the steps 2 and 3.
  • Rust Converter - if the scratch, scuff or chip has become rusted then apply the Rust Converter after the first use of the Clean and Correct, but before applying the High-Build paint.  
  • Clear Lacquer - our Clear Lacquer Touch Up Bottle is only required if your car or motorcycle has a metallic or pearlescent finish. Simply apply this right before the final polish with the Scratch and Scuff remover.
  • Drill Backing Plate - this allows you to attach the polishing pad to a hand drill, which can help to improve the results achieved using the Scratch & Scuff Remover to diminish the appearance of any minor scuffs and scratches
  • “Pearl 2” paint - a pearlescent topcoat only required for vehicles with ‘3 stage’ pearlescent paint colours

Ready to order?

Our High-Build Kit includes our unique High-Build Paint. It’s precision-measured and mixed to the highest specification. It’s bodyshop quality, durable and easy-to-use to achieve a good result. Available as a bottle in our unique High-Build Kit, it is colour matched to order. 

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