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Cars in film: the Mini

The nippy little Mini has become so iconic in films and TV that it has almost become a character in of itself. 

Its most famous appearance, and perhaps the film that contributed to its propulsion to legendary status, was of course in the 1966 Italian Job. However, like all movie stars, it has stolen the show on more than one occasion. 

Mr. Bean (1990 - 1995)

Rowan Atkinson’s alien-like entity character, Mr Bean had an accomplice to his menacing ways - his beloved 1977 British Leyland Mini 1000 in Austin Citron Green with a matt black bonnet. 

Atkinson is a known petrol-head, it was only fitting he wrote the Mr. Bean script in such a way that the Mini felt like it had a personality of its own. 

The Mini had an arch rival in the form of a three-wheeled light blue 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III. The car also accompanied Bean in his self-inflicted calamities, like the famous armchair-Mini-mop-hybrid. This all meant the Mini 1000 felt like an equally bemusing sidekick to Mr Bean. 

The Bourne Identity (2002)

A Mini Mayfair Mk V features in one of the biggest blockbusters of the early 2000s in the Bourne Identity. Driven by Matt Damon’s character, Jason Bourne, the Mini is seen darting around the narrow back streets of Paris as Bourne and his girlfriend escape the assassin chasing them.

The Mini itself comes from a land before time, 1989 in fact. Still, it holds up well and its short wheelbase made it perfect for craftily nipping around the bustling underbelly of Paris. 

As for the colour, we’re not exactly sure what shade of red this mini is, although it looks to be in the classic Mini paint colour Flame Red. If you own a classic Mini similar to Bourne’s Mini, and you know the colour, we stock dozens of classic Mini paint colours in either aerosol, paint pot and brush or touch-up pen

Austin Powers (2002)

Mini seemed to be everywhere in the early 2000s, both on and off screen. In 2002, the third film in the Austin Powers franchise was released. The film featured the new, revamped design of the Mini, its shape, technology and mechanics updated for the modern era.  

The writers decided to make the Mini Cooper jostle for stage presence by giving it a memorable and symbolic Union Jack paint job. This was both a nod to the British themes that are ever present in Austin Powers, as well as the Mini’s British roots, now the marque had been taken over by German car manufacturer BMW

The Italian Job (1969, 2003)

The Italian Job hit the screens in 1969, it made an impression for three reasons. One, Michael Cane, two the plot, and three of course the three classic Mini Coopers in red, white and blue. Specifically:

The automotive three amigos were seen escaping the Italian fuzz, who drove Alfa Romeo Giulias, through the streets of Turin and even navigating the Italian sewer network! 

Then rolled in the remake in 2003, and what better fit than the revamped Mini Cooper to also feature in the film. However, a classic Mini Cooper in (what looks to be) Flame Red does make a cameo appearance at the start of the film. In the remake, again the cars take different shades of the same colours as in the original. The

Mini Coopers in the remake were:

Many more Mini paint colours 

We stock dozens more Mini paint colours for Mini touch up paint, as well as other brand’s paint colours too. No matter what paintwork you need fixing or touching up, we likely have the paint colour for your car. 

The most popular Mini paint colours

One of the most popular Mini paint colours is Chili Red, however there are many other colours that are popular on both classic and modern Minis:

We stock dozens more Mini paint colours for Mini touch up paint, as well as other brand’s paint colours too. No matter what paintwork you need fixing or touching up, we likely have the paint colour for your car. 

How to order your Mini touch up paint

Mini car paint for the classic Cooper (or any other model of Mini) is available in all the colours listed above, plus any manufacturer discontinued paint colours or limited editions.

PaintNuts can mix all these colours for colour match touch up car paint, available as a high precision pen, bottle and brush or car spray paint/aerosol. Just enter your car reg on our website and off you go.

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