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Morris Classic Car Touch Up Paint

PaintNuts can mix classic Morris touch up car paint colours using the latest colour match technology as either touch up pens, pots or aerosols.

We have the full range of classic Morris paint codes in our catalogues for all models, including the Morris Minor 1000, Morris Mini, Morris Ital and more. All our colour match classic car paints are custom mixed to order.

Morris Motors was just one of the ambitious projects belonging to William Morris, along with familiar brands like Nuffield and Riley. It eventually fizzled out in its own right, as many of the early classics did. Its trademark is currently owned by a Chinese car manufacturer.

Our classic car paint catalogue includes colours from Porcelein Green and Toga White, to Chartreuse Yellow and Healey Blue Metallic – we can mix them all.

Simply select your exact paint code or colour name below, then the size of paint you require, and we will do the rest.

Morris paint code location

Classic car paint codes can be found in 1 or 2 of these common locations:

  • Under the boot lid
  • On the door jamb or frame
  • In the door hinge
  • Under the bonnet 
  • On the firewall
  • In the glove box
  • In the spare wheel well

Morris classic paint codes

The car paint code is typically printed on a metal plate (the size of a wallet) or a sticker. It’s a combination of a letter and numbers, like:

  • BG-18
  • BU-43
  • BLVC 111

We can also match your car touch up paint to the exact colour name. For example: 

  • Engine Red
  • Sandglow
  • Leyland Blue
Filter by entering your Key colour (ie Green) in the box below.