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PaintNuts Ultimate Repair Kit

The complete solution for repairing a scratch, chip or scuff! PaintNuts Ultimate Repair Kit has been specially developed to provide professional results for car scratch removal in 3 easy steps: clean, paint and finish. It is perfect for stone chips, scratches and scuffs providing professional results every time. Our unique Colour Matched High Build Paint has been specially formulated to fill damage and mask any imperfections providing a smooth, level repair.

How to use the Ultimate Repair Kit

Directions for Use


Firstly, put on enclosed nitrile gloves. Use the Clean & Correct solution and Degreasing Cloth to wipe over and around the damaged area to remove any dirt, grease and tar that could contaminate the paint and cause adverse effects.

For light scratches and scuffs apply a small amount Scratch & Scuff Remover to the Polishing Pad - rub over the damaged area in a back-and-forth motion to diminish and remove any light defects - buff off any residue with the Microfibre Cloth.


Shake the Colour Matched Paint for 2-3 minutes ensuring the paint is fully mixed, metallic and pearlescent paint can take longer to mix, due to pigment separation.

Test a small amount of paint within the damaged area to check the colour match.

Depending on your damage, select the most appropriate applicator, either:

  • Fine Brush Applicator – for fine scratches and scuffs
  • Super Fine Bud Applicator 0mm – for scratches, scuffs and small stone chips
  • Fine Bud Applicator 5mm – for wider scratches, scuffs and stone chips
  • Regular Bud Applicator 0mm – for stone chips

For stone chips use a light dabbing motion OR for scuffs and scratches smooth, light strokes.

Only a small amount of paint is required just enough to cover the end of the applicator, ensure there is no excess paint on the applicator or stick.

The paint should ONLY be applied within the damaged area not on undamaged paintwork, too much paint can look too dark, not enough paint could make it look light.

The High Build Colour Matched Paint has been specially developed to fill and mask any imperfections. Apply the paint until it’s level or slightly proud of the original paint work.

Using the Dual Levelling Applicator at a 45-degree angle smooth over and level off the paint.

Use Clean & Correct and the Degreasing Cloth to remove any excess paint around the repair area or on the existing paintwork, ensure you don’t wipe off the newly applied paint.

Larger and deeper defects could require additional coats due to the depth of the damage, allow a minimum of 15 minutes before further coats are applied.

Always ensure the levelling applicator is clean and has no dried paint residue, use the Clean & Correct solution to remove.


After 2 – 4 hours buff over the entire repair with Scratch & Scuff Remover on the Polishing Pad to help blend in with the existing paint work, buff off any residue with the Microfibre Cloth.

Top tips for our best car scratch repair kit

Our car scratch repair kit comes with everything you need to clean, paint and finish minor damage like a scratch, scuff or stone chip, including colour match car paint. The kit easy to use and get good results.

Dos and Don’ts

  • DO – use a small amount Scratch & Scuff Remover to the Polishing Pad to fix light scratches and scuffs.
  • DO – test a small amount of the paint within the damaged area to check the colour match.
  • DON’T – use too much paint on the end of the applicator.
  • DON’T – apply paint to undamaged paintwork.

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