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  • Exact colour match
  • 150,000 colours available
  • Great customer service

How to order car paint from PaintNuts

The ordering process couldn't be simpler.

  • Create an account - it takes a minute
  • Give us your registration or paint code
  • Choose the product you need (pen, bottle or aerosol)
  • Choose a delivery type (standard, priority or out-of-area)

How we match your colour

Our paints are colour matched to your vehicle's exact original paint code and individually custom mixed to order.

There are two ways to confirm what colour of car paint you need.

  1. We find it for you using your registration number
  2. You type in the paint code (see our tips on finding it)

We use a leading vehicle database, which can provide the original colour match information we need for your particular car. This tells our state-of-the-art paint mixing system exactly what you need.

If you’re looking for car paint for older or classic vehicles, motorcycles, plus certain makes and models, we will need YOU to provide the paint code.

See our handy paint code finder for how and where to find your code. Don’t hesitate to call us if you get stuck.

The mixing

Our paints are made to order. There’s a good reason we don’t mix a batch and let them sit onthe shelf - because car paint is at its best when it’s freshly mixed.

A human shaking it up after it’s settled for a while won’t have the optimal action or velocity of our paint system.


Depending on what type of delivery you select, you’ll have your paint within 3 days, within 7 days or within 10 days. We recommend you use it within a month for the best results.

While you’re waiting for your delivery, it’s worth reading up on tips for getting the best results.

What to order

You can just use the paint to fix the paint damage but there are some instances when we recommend other products that will produce better results that last longer.

Do I need primer?

Some touch-up jobs don’t require primer. You’ll only need to use it if your chip or scratch goes down to the metal and rust has developed. Primer is available as a touch-up pen, bottle with brush, or aerosol.

Do I need to apply a lacquer finish?

It’s not essential to use lacquer but we recommend it in most instances and especially with metallic paints. Clear lacquer provides a high gloss clear protective finish, with a shine that will last. Lacquer is available as a touch-up pen, bottle with brush, or aerosol. You should apply lacquer 24 hours after the coloured coat for a perfect finish.

Will I need anything else to repair my paintwork?

It depends on the damage. If you do, we also stock sanding packs and fillers as well as our wonder product - PaintNuts scratch and scuff remover. This is a rubbing compound ideal for removing light scratches, scuffs and marks without harming the paintwork.

Find the right product for you

Use our tool to find the right PaintNuts product to give your vehicle a professional looking repair.